The mission

Enter the room and be part of the story. Find the hidden hints, combine these and face the unforgiving challenge against time. Each escape room, each escape game has its own unique appeal and requires from LiveEscape newbies as well as from escape game experts complete commitment. Be always careful and use all your senses, because things are often not as they seem.

The Team

In a live escape game the respective mission or escape is so tricky that it can only be solved with team effort. Thereby teams with unequal abilities have an advantage. Are you rather the observer, whose strength is the tracking of hints? Or are you characterized by logical thinking and able to recognize large relations? Maybe you are the unconventional thinker in your team with the ability to think out-of-the-box? Not later than after your first escape game you will exactly know where your strength lies.

The plan

Whether you and your team have to find a treasure, solve a crime or get out of a life-threatening situation: in our live escape games its often a matter of life and death and you have to use everything you have. Acute power of observation, the ability to combine and to think laterally. But be warned! Always keep an eye on the ticking clock, because your time is running out!

Our escape rooms

The Royal House in danger

We are situated in the year 1788, the empress' palace is under siege. Knowing that the Royale Family is not going to survive, they entrench themselves in their imperial chamber. In the last minutes of their life they try to protect their most precious treasure against the rebels. They are ready to die, however no person with bad intentions shall get the treasury in his or her hand.. The Queen's last thoughts are written in her diary, which is well hidden. In their dispair they led the rebels on one or other wrong tracks...

The Mafiosi Casino

The wealthy family Mazzini runs a casino for money laundering purposes. After undercover investigations in the casino the head of the familiy Francesco Mazzini was arrested just before he was able to flee. The indictment states: murder in multiple cases, incitement to murder, money laundering and formation of a criminal organisation. He runs the risk of life imprisonment. Through the lawyer of the family he sends a message with a note that the judicial police is going to rush and search through the casino. Until then all proofs and monies have to vanish into thin air...

The Rethel Story

Dusseldorf. One of the biggest court cases is about to begin. Five men and four women are accused of dazing and raiding clients in a whorehouse. You and your team of the best agents need to find as much proofs as possible before the accused see the custodial judge to make sure they go to jail...

I want to play a game

For some time you hear it again and again everywhere in the news: Jigsaw is back. And he is more dangerous than ever. In the last two weeks 20 people, who did immoral things in the past, had to lose their life playing his games. And nevertheless it seems like he can't get enough of it. What is even worse than that is that he already chose his next victims and.. Wait a moment! - It's you and your team mates! Can you meet the challenges and flee from this hell?



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It has never been easier to shape a company celebration, a kick-off meeting or a targeted team building, which is on the one hand so exciting and entertaining, and on the other hand instructive and meaningful.


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The perfect gift

You are looking for a extraordinary gift? Then you've come to the right place! Give away fun, excitement and an unforgettable group experience! Sounds better than reaching for the standard book or T-Shirt, doesn't it? ­čÖé

Whether for christmas or for birthday, as a wedding present or for a passed examination: With a LiveEscape Germany gift card you will bring great pleasure to all who receive it - no matter if for young and old! We have the right story for everyone.

Your dear's birthday is tomorrow and you need a Last-Minute-Gift in a rush? No Problem at all! Upon your request you can print out your gift card at home and pack it individually.

This is how you do it:
1.) Select the value for your gift card (Gift card is valid for each game)
2.) Pay online
3.) Your gift card will be sent directly to your email address or by post to you

Frequently asked questions

You will be locked up in one or multiple rooms and have to escape from your prison within a fixed time (60 or 90 minutes) by solving the misteries with the help of hidden hints and items.
There are no age restrictions for the games The curse of the pharao, The Mafiosi Casino and The Royal House in danger. But we found out that player should be more than 14 years old in order to play the games to the full. Those under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Special exception is I want to play a game. Here a minimum age of 21 applies.
At this point there are not restrictions at all. The main thing is that you feel well.
We accept reservations for teams with minimum 2 and maximum 10 players per team.
At our house you can pay locally with cash, or you pay online via PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Lastschrift or Sofort├╝berweisung.
Of course you can! For this purpose you can use our booking system, or contact us per E-Mail, telephone or on-site. The gift cards are availble in different variations. For more details see the section Gift cards.
The rooms are indeed locked. In case of an emergency there is a key directly next to the door at your disposal. Furthermore a GameMaster always keeps with the help of a camera and a microphone an eye on you. The GameMaster can step in at any time and tip you off if necessary. The cameras are only intended for streaming. Nothing is recorded without explicit agreements.
Contact us via E-Mail or telephone. We look forward to meet you!



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